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Unified communications solutions for business

Connect your people, applications, clouds and networks around the world


Unified communications is making sure you have the best mix of technology to address your specific business needs. It is about interlinking our products and services to connect your people, applications, clouds and networks around the world.

Whether it’s empowering your employees with an effective digital workplace, transforming the operations and management of your communications infrastructure or building deeper customer relationships with personalised contact centres – we’ve got you covered.

Award winning Vodafone Business Unified Communications Portfolio

We are proud to announce that Vodafone Business Unified Communications Portfolio was awarded the “Frost & Sullivan European UCaaS Market Leadership - Best Practices Award 2021

“Vodafone is frequently customers’ first choice for their mission‐critical communications services. With wide‐ranging experience in connectivity, mobility, convergence, and the Internet of Things (IoT), Vodafone continues to evolve its portfolio and technology relationships”

Introducing Vodafone Business UC with RingCentral

Our new, uniquely flexible communication and collaboration solution

Conferencing and collaboration

Effective, borderless business communication becomes key in the activity of global companies.

Call recording

Valuable insight, tighter compliance

Get a clear view of your customer service operations. Vodafone Media Recording and Analytics lets you turn information into insight. You can use data from recorded customer interactions to analyse trends, improve products and services – and, ultimately, be more competitive.

Turning a compliance headache into an opportunity

MiFID II regulation requires you to record mobile communications and store them for five years. Vodafone Network Mobile Recording is our built-in network solution that enables you to comply. All recordings are stored securely in the cloud to manage and analyse your recordings.

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