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Vodafone Business releases Fit for the Future APAC report

Vodafone Business today released the APAC edition of its annual global study, revealing that APAC businesses see a strong case for sustainability.

2Africa cable lands in Marseille, France to strengthen interconnectivity with Africa

Vodafone has partnered with the Port of Marseille Fos and Digital Realty to land the world’s longest submarine cable.

Businesses need to address sustainability to survive, new Vodafone Business report reveals

Research finds that the challenging economic situation and other short-term priorities have hampered sustainability progress for many businesses.

Vodafone Business named a Founding and Telecommunications partner of Green Tech Festival

Vodafone Business today announced that it’s a Founding Partner and the exclusive Telecommunications Partner of the Green Tech Festival

Vodafone Business and Extreme E team up to tackle wildfires in Sardinia

Together, Vodafone Business and Extreme E will run a fire prevention campaign within the local communities in the area of Montiferru.

Vodafone Business teams up with Extreme E as technology partner

Vodafone Business today announced it has teamed up with sport for purpose motorsport series, Extreme E, as its technology communications partner.

Vodafone Business to accelerate sustainable agriculture in Europe with MyFarmWeb

Vodafone Business is piloting a new service – MyFarmWeb – that could accelerate the digitisation of farming across Europe by providing farmers with an easy-to-use mobile app linked to agricultural IoT sensors.

Vodafone Business and RingCentral bring flexible cloud communications solutions to organisations across Europe and Asia

The way people work and collaborate has changed. Vodafone Business and RingCentral have just launched their cloud-based communications platform 'Vodafone Business UC with RingCentral' to support companies in the world of hybrid working and make them fit for the future.

Vodafone Business report: 94% of ‘Fit for the Future’ businesses are better prepared for risks and more likely to outperform competitors

Vodafone Business today announced the launch of it's Fit for the Future Report 2021. Showing how the number of businesses that are better prepared to deal with future challenges has risen in the last year, and what they are doing differently.