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Case studies

Vodafone Business Security Phishing Awareness

A phishing exercise to make sure the staff were aware of the digital challenges and problems in terms of entrapment emails and social engineering.

Vodafone Business Security Penetration Testing

For this interior design business, the main security concern is centred around the perimeter of the corporate network and any vulnerabilities.

Staying safe, going green: supporting the fleet of Catalonia's Ministry of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda

Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics has helped the Government of Catalonia optimise their fleet to go greener, reduce costs and keep their employees safe.

Connected sites around the globe: helping a logistics business meet changing demands with SD-WAN

Vodafone Business SD-WAN has enabled a global transport and logistics business to optimise their network performance and connect new sites in a flash.

A network adapted to your needs: transforming a financial services business with SD-WAN

Vodafone Business SD-WAN has helped a leading financial services company introduce emerging cloud technologies to become more agile and customer centric.

Agile and simplified network: helping an engineering company drive greater efficiency

Vodafone Business SD-WAN helped a world-leading precision engineering company optimise their network to make it more agile and cost-effective.

Connected business: helping Marchesini Group scale up their network to meet growing demand

Vodafone Business helps Marchesini Group ensure fast network connectivity across multiple sites and manage collaboration tools on all devices to boost productivity.

Connected from ground to sky: helping Ryanair pave the way for digital aviation

Vodafone Business is operating as Ryanair’s digital communications department to fully support all their existing and future sites’ unique needs.

IoT-driven EV fleet: helping EVUM Motors transform vehicle data into valuable insights

Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics has helped EVUM Motors kick off its digital transformation to make its green and robust electric vehicle accessible to everyone.